Monday, September 3, 2012

New Bluetooth Speaker addition to JollyMon

With all the new technology today I wanted to do something different onboard my boat for entertainment.  Most people put a stereo receiver down below and run wires all over the boat to remote speakers.  These speakers would also have to be cut into the cockpit or bulkheads causing possible leaks and degradation of the structural integrity of the boat.

Most people have all their music on their phone these days. I too own an iPhone and an iPad.  These devices have both Bluetooth and AirPlay for wireless transmission of the music and video to speakers and monitors.

I purchased an iHome wireless Bluetooth speaker on for about $59.00 and mounted it with velcro to the inside of the top bin board on the hatch. I simply turn the hatch board around when I am out sailing to listen to music while underway.  I am free to move around the boat and control the music from my iPhone.

If I watch any videos on my iPhone or iPad the sound from the movie comes over the Bluetooth speaker also.
The speaker has pretty decent quality and volume but will not vibrate the boat like a 1500 watt stereo some kids have in their cars.  It is a sailboat so this small speaker works just fine for me.

JollyMon Wins Kampeska Cup

Summer has flown by so I better update you a little on what has happened.  We had our annual Kampeska Cup Race in July.  My daughter Lauren, son Parker and my nephew Spencer were drafted as crew for the race.   JollyMon and crew came in first in the monohull fleet.  We had a light turnout this year due to the weather but about a dozen boats turned out for the event.

JollyMon at left


 JollyMon at left taking the upwind lead

JollyMon at the finnish

 1st Place Awards

The Winners

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Blues

It it Memorial Day weekend and of course is has been raining the whole time.  This is usually the kickoff of the summer season in South Dakota so we may have to wait a little longer. Weather forecast for tomorrow looks dry but in the 60's.

I have had time to do a few projects on the boat.  In order to make the lifting keel easier to raise I replace the original turning block on the deck with a larger one.  The old original one had a 1 7/8 in sheeve.  I purchased a Schaffer 704-11 for $53.00 from West Marine.  This block has a 2 3/8 inch sheeve and has made it a little easier to winch the keel up.  I am looking at going to a 4 to 1 purchase by adding another block.  Reports are that this makes raising easier also. 

I also found a four step ladder that fits the transon of the S2 nicely.  It was $142.00 with %10 off and free shipping from West Marine.  It came with latch hooks and backing plates.  The ladder can be left in place but is easily removed if needed.  The two mounts were place near the top of the transom. I used 3M 4200 to seal everything up.

The ladder is 13 inches wide and 42 inches long. Two steps are in the water when the boat is off the lift.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spring Projects

The warm winter has made me long for spring. I am hoping is it just around the corner. We are after all nearing the first of February and I trust the worst of the winter is behind us. We took a great vacation to the British Virgin Island over Christmas with the kids and were able to do a little sailing while we were there.

It is time to start making the wish lists for spring projects on the boat.  I completed several last year, getting the bottom painted, replacing the hatch slides, replacing the deck hatch, replacing halyards and installing the Raymarine ST40 depth and speed.

This year my wish list includes a few things to improve the sail handling and comfort of the boat. As always time and money have to be considered.

1. New spinlock rope clutches
2. Refinish the hatch boards
3. New self tailing winches
4. Stearn rail
5. Repaint trailer
6. New trailer tires
7. Bluetooth speakers for iPad stereo
8. Swim ladder
9. Porta potty