Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mariner 5hp outboard Impeller Replacement

Finally got the boat in the water after a long cold winter.  As I was motoring from the boat lift to home. I noticed that my little outboard motor quit pumping water.  Usually there is a nice little stream coming out of the back end of the motor.  I still had about a mile to go so I idled it back and pulled the cover off. I took off my shoe and scooped up some water and dumped it on the cylinder head to keep it cool until I made it home. 

I made it home and got the boat on the lift.  The pictures below show the process of taking the lower end off of the Mariner to get at the impeller.  The first picture is the bolt you have to loosen to disconnect the shift linkage. I lies under the rubber grommet that has to be removed first.
There are two bolts holding the lover unit on. Remove these from the bottom of the lower unit and it slides out.  The main drive shaft slides out also with no problem.

Lower unit removed
 Four bolts hold the impeller hosing down over the drive shaft.
Impeller hosing removed

Here is a good video showing the whole process