Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 2011

I have had the long cold, snowy winter to think about all the project I want to do on the boat. With my small budget it will be a muli year process to get everything done. Here is a list of projects that I would like to get done.

Bottom Paint
Replace broken Bomar front hatch $300, already purchased
New main and jib halyards $100, already purchased
New hatch rails, old ones broken
Install Raymarine ST40 bidata display, speed and depth $350
Replace main traveler with Harken small car system $200
Replace jam cleats with Spinlock XAS double rope clutches $234
Loop spice all lines
Porta Potty for booze cruises $65
New battery and battery box $80, already purchased
New DC panel $100

Sailboat hardware is spendy but I have found that between, Mauri Pro Sailing, Annapolis Pro Sailing and Performance Yacht Systems I find the best deals. Stay away from West Marine.  eBay is always fun to shop too.  There can be some deals once in a while, but I find at times I can get it cheaper elsewhere.

The mainsail is in useable shape but might need replacing down the road.  I will try to add photos of projects as I complete them.

Maiden Voyage

The first thing that had to be done was a little clean up.  The boat was in amazing shape. The interior was spotless but has a musty smell.  I took everything out of the boat and gave it a good scrubbing. The aft cockpit hatches and aft compartment were full of mold. Water had been left in there some how and was never dried out. A little Clorox and some scrubbing took care of all the mold.  I took the covers off all the interior cushions and washed them.

I looked all the rigging over and found no major problems. The halyards will have to be replaced but the standing rigging and the rest of the hardware on the boat was in good working order.  The boat is a 1985 vintage boat but the decks were surprisingly in great shape.  The gel coat has started to chalk a little which is common for a boat this old.  The sides of the boat were in pretty good shape.  My wife purchased me a power buffer to I spent a few days buffing and polishing the topsides to bring back a shine.  The old Minnesota state registration numbers were painted on.  I used some paint stripper and got most of it off. The rest I wet sanded with 1000 grip paper.  More buffing with compound and it was ready for the South Dakota registration.

I had to round up another boat lift so I could put it out next to my dock and my 19ft Crownline ski boat. I have lived on Lake Kampeska since 1984, raised two kid and had a ton of fun messing about in boats.

Purchasing the S2 6.9 and Bringing Her Home

I live about 220 mile from Hooper Yachts in Afton, Minnesota. I enlisted my son Parker who was 15 at the time and my wife Jodi to help me close the deal and bring her home.  We took off Friday night after work and stayed at my brothers house in St Louis Park.  Saturday we were up bright and early and headed east to St Paul to pick up the boat. 

I had learned from working with old boats that the trailer might be an issue.  I has Hooper Yachts pull the hubs and repack the bearings so we would not break down on the way home.  We arrived wrote a few checks and got it ready to go.  Hooper's also had two used jib sails make by Quantum.  They were Mylar racing sales made of Pentex, we purchased those for $500 each.  A good deal or what?

I had brought two new trailer lights just in case the old ones did not work.  Parker and I replaced one light and spliced a few wires and we had lights.  The trip home took about four and a half hours and we arrived back in Watertown, SD.

The Hunt for a New Boat

After being a scow sailor for the past 25 years it was time to move up to a keel boat.  I still have my Melges M20 and have won many races on our local Lake Kampeska.  If you have ever sailed a scow you know they are a blast and can be a hand full in heavy winds. 

My search for a suitable boat began several years ago. I have sailed many different boats over the years.  We have chartered extensively in the Caribbean and the Great Lakes.  Many of my friends on the lake have smaller keel boats  I have sailed on Hunters, McGregors, Catalina and S2 sailboat.  The S2 impressed me the most with the quality of the fiberglass the quickness of the boat. 

There are not that many boat dealer located in the Midwest due to the short sailing season.  I was constantly cruising the Internet in search of a nice used S2.  The S2 6.9 is a 22 foot model with a retractable keel. There were only 174 built between 1983 and 1986.

The S2 6.9 has loyal group of followers who maintain a website at I found out alot about the history of the boats and possible sources for used parts. S2 sailboats was a division of Tiara Yachts of Holland Michigan.  They were mainly a powerboat builder but got into the sailboat building business for a few years during the 1980s.

I ran across my new used 1985 S2 6.9 on a website call Hooper Yachts.  They are located in east St Paul Minnesota.  There used to be quite a fleet of the S2 6.9 on Lake Minnetonka at one time.  This boat was a one owner boat and looked to be lightly used, only sailed on Sundays!

2010 was a tough years, I lost may father to cancer in March and I became somewhat motivated by his death.  My mother had passed away 20 years earlier from colon cancer so I know how precious time can be.  My father, Lloyd was a great outdoorsman and was a major influence in my life.  We were not rich growing up but he knew the most important thing he could do was to spend time with his 5 kids. He bought an old Century inboard boat and we fixed it up. We all learned to water ski, snow ski and learned to love the water and being active.  We spent many a summer day on the numerous lakes around the Midwest.  Lloyd left me a little fun money and I could think of no better way to spend it than on a boat. I know he would approve.  So I went to Minneapolis and purchased the boat.