Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kampeska Cup Regatta

Saturday, July 16 we had our local regatta here on Lake Kampeska. Temperatures were extremely hot and humid and many sailors stayed away.  We did have 10 boat compete in the monohull and multihull divisions. 

I was fortunate enough to have my two kids sail with me along with their cousin Spencer Prefling.  My kids, Parker 16 and Lauren 20 are seasoned sailors.  They have both raced with me on my M20 scow for years while growing up on Lake Kampeska.  Spencer has spent most of his summers here in South Dakota.

Winds were 10-18 so it was a great sailing day. Catch all the action, results and more photos of the Kampeska Cup on our website.

 JollyMon third from the right at start 
 Ready to tack
 Coming by the committee boat
 Beating to weather
 Cruising to victory
 Rail down
 Holding on to win!
The Winners